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about the market

Looking for a great deal? Exhaust of shopping from different places? Short of time? 

We have got the best market for you with choice to buy form number of shops under one roof. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to giving you the best shopping experience. Personal approach of shopkeepers is a world away from giant superstores. The management assure you warm welcome & good services to you all the time.


London has been a town of market for centuries and is still drawing in shoppers and visitors. Since its opening, the market has drawn over millions visitors from all around Britain and even the world.


Central location of the Rye Lane Market makes it best location to buy & sell products ranging from basic necessities to top fashion products. Sale is host to over 54 retail and specialist businesses. Stress-free pedestrianised shopping is easy on its L-lined main street, and there is central cafeteria to stop for a snack. For customers with mobility problems, the whole market is designed with wheelchair access in mind. If you need help carrying your tray or getting seated, Orient team members are there to help - just ask. Transportation is no problem - whether you need a bus, a train, a car park, a taxi or cycle stand all is available for you.



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